Making parents’ lives easier—one snap-free romper at a time 

Premium bamboo rompers that make diaper changes painless—literally. Welcome to the No Pinching Chub Club, the not-so-secret romper society that’s snap-free, zipper-free, and pain-free—for you and your baby.

Our Story

The pillowcase that changed diapering forever

After changing endless diapers, our founder and mama of two littles knew there had to be an easier way to make diapering less painful. One day, while making her son’s bed, she noticed his pillowcase had an envelope design, and the idea struck: What if we applied this concept to onesies? With that—Ready Set Romper® was born.

Meet Carin

Inspired by parents , driven by kindness

Exhausted, sleep-deprived and juggling all the things as a mama of two littles, our founder and CEO, Carin, has built a brand dedicated to making parents’ lives easier. Having previously worked as a teacher and pediatric speech therapy assistant, she’s always been passionate about working with children.

And as a fierce believer in giving back, she’s always instilled kindness in her two sons, Luc and Kache. That’s why she’s committed to using Ready Set Romper® to make a impact, from parents’ daily lives to her work with the Tekera Resource Centre in Uganda, Africa.

Giving Back

Buy a romper, support an expecting mother

We believe in making the world a better place on a local and global scale. That’s why we donate a portion of every sale to Tekera Resource Center (TRC) in Uganda, Africa—a community hub providing medical, educational and daily life essentials to those in need. 

Ready Set Romper® provides TRC with “Mama Kits”—mandatory items that expecting mamas need just to gain entry to their local medical clinic. Without these basic items, they’re forced to deliver their children in unsafe and unsanitary environments, leading to potentially devastating outcomes.  

No mother should have to experience this level of anxiety in childbirth. When you buy a Ready Set Romper®, you become a part of our global movement to give back—helping us support safe, happy and memorable birth experiences for Ugandan mothers and babies. We thank you.

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