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Wrap-A-Roo™ | Wrap Opening Rompers

Meet our NEW Wrap-A-Roo™ - The Wrap Opening Romper!  This new romper is designed to allow for essential skin-to-skin contact during feedings, super quick diaper changes and g-tube access.

We love our Wrap-A-Roo™ Romper for new babies because skin-to-skin is medically proven to:

  • Stabilize baby’s body temperature, heartbeat, breathing and blood oxygen levels
  • Strengthen baby’s digestion and immune system
  • Encourages baby to spend more time in deep sleep and quiet alert states
  • Aid in production of a stronger milk supply in nursing moms
  • Reduce postpartum bleeding in moms
  • Releases Oxytocin the “feel good” hormone in Mom and baby