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If you visited this page, it means you’re interested in learning more about us. So first, let me just say thanks for stopping by!  

Our proud Canadian brand, READY SET ROMPER™ was created as much for you, the parent/caregiver, as it was for the child wearing it. RSR's are not your average romper!  Our patent pending design has a hidden changing panel conveniently located under the (functioning) hoodie pocket.  RSR's are being touted as the next big thing in baby and toddler wear & parents are calling our romper the new must-have!  As a mother myself, that is exactly how I felt when I designed the READY SET ROMPER™. 

Here's what is so great about an RSR:

  • Premium bamboo is our staple fabric of choice
  • super quick and easy diaper changes that do not require buttons, snaps or zippers. Simply pull down the elasticated panel under the hoodie pocket & gently pull babes legs out- you're good to go!  
  • amazing adaptive wear!  The feedback received from the feeding-tube community has been astounding!
  • no more "sniff tests" you can now easily "check" the diaper situation using the hidden elasticated opening
  • keeps babe warm & covered during diaper changes because the top portion of your child remains fully covered and secure.  Warm baby = happy baby!
  • easy on/easy off with the stretchy neckline allowing both potty training boys and girls washroom time access
  • potty training boys are able to use the washroom standing up WITHOUT having to remove ANY part of the romper...simply use the under hoodie pocket opening for successful potty trips!  High 5 little man!
  • skin to skin contact- slip your hand up though the under pocket opening and onto babes chest during cuddles or feeding time for some extra skin to skin contact.  SO good for babe AND for you
  • fold over hands and feet on our 0-6 M and 6-12 M sizes!  Cover babies hands and prevent those precious faces from being scratched.  Say goodbye to baby mittens, you will no longer need them!
  • extra long arm and leg cuffs because we know kids grow SO FAST!  RSR's are strategically designed to last longer than your average romper.  Simply unfold the cuffs on the legs and arms and you've got a romper that lasts throughout growth spurts.
  • Watch "how it works" to see how time saved with a READY SET ROMPER™  adds up.  Say goodbye to fussy buttons, snaps and zips and take some of that extra time just for YOU!  Every new parent and potty training parent needs an RSR-  It's a romper that serves up fashion & purpose!  IT'S A GAME CHANGER!


Every Ready Set Romper™ purchased provides to a "Mama Pack" for expecting mothers in Uganda, Africa through our give-back program with The Tekera Resource Center and the Maternity Pack Program.

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...🖤my loves that were the inspiration behind my want for a romper that made better sense, saved me time & eliminated the frustration of those pesky snaps, buttons and zips!  ~Carin @ RSR

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