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how a Ready set romper™ works

The Romper Reimagined...

NO BUTTONS | NO SNAPS! Hidden elasticated pull-down panel

Our patent pending panel is designed for super quick and easy diaper changing access | Quick slide down access for potty training | "standing" access for potty training boys using the hidden pull-down panel! 

*See the "how it works" video above 

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Premium BAMBOO FABRIC | skin to skin time

We all know how important skin to skin contact is for baby!  Slip your hand up & onto baby's chest during cuddles or feeding time for extra skin to skin time.  Great for baby AND for you! 

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Cuffs unfold to protect little faces from scratches

Unfolded cuffs also "grow with" your child allowing for longer wear! 

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functioning hoodie pocket

a clean & covered place to tuck away baby's soother...or some dinosaurs! 

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Dress up your RSR and head out for a day of fun or chill at home in slumberland! 

RSR's are designed to be versatile & accommodate your on the go lifestyle- without sacrificing comfort or style! 

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