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How RSR is giving back...

In light of the recent COVID-19 global pandemic we have been and will continue to donate all of our extra fabric to help create personal protection equipment for local healthcare professionals. Some of these items will include surgical caps and ear protectors. Thank you heroes! 


Every Ready Set Romper™ sold also provides essential items needed for “MAMA KITS" for expecting mothers in Uganda, Africa. Learn how below.

Each "Mama Kit" provides an expecting mother with the resources they need in order to be allowed into a medical clinic to safely give birth.  WITHOUT this kit, she will be turned away and forced to deliver her child alone, in a very unsafe and unsanitary environment.  At home births in Uganda can have devastating outcomes without the necessary medical care and attention.  No mother should ever have to feel this type of worry and anxiety on a day as special as the birth of her child. We are working to eliminate the worry and provide the solution. 

Every Ready Set Romper™ has a purpose and in collaboration with the International Community Empowerment Foundation (ICEF) and The Tekera Resource Center it is our mission to help ensure as many safe, happy and memorable birth experiences for Ugandan mothers and babies as we possibly can.  

Each "MAMA KIT" Contains: 

  • 2 gloves
  • 2 surgical blades
  • 1 child health card
  • 1 plastic sheet/blanket
  • 1 roll of hospital grade cotton
  • thread


There's nothing I love more than being a mother and with a background in child development, I have always felt very drawn to helping children and families.  When I began my journey as an entrepreneur, I knew I wanted to start a company where the "soul" purpose was to provide a purchasing platform that encouraged kindness and promoted giving back.  

    Below are some photos from our last trip to Africa.  We handed out children's clothing directly into the hands of the families who needed it.  


    When you own a Ready Set Romper™ you are supporting the passion behind our fashion!  You are a part of the RSR Giving Back Movement and have helped another family in the most meaningful way. 

    For more information on the fantastic work that the organizations we support (TRC and ICEF) do in Uganda, please check out their websites:


    Carin- Owner & creator of Ready Set Romper™


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